Sitemap - 2022 - Swing State Georgia

A test for Kemp as Hurricane Ian nears Georgia coast

Walker moving further right for more votes

An important Swing State Update

Georgia Democrat says she’s being ostracized by Abrams’ allies

Republicans see cost of canceling student debt as campaign issue

An important Swing State update

Pence to make Georgia fundraising swing

Are Warnock and Walker headed for a runoff?

Trump target Raffensperger dominating race for reelection

Biden’s policies are popular in Georgia — even if he isn’t

Trump eyes Georgia rally after Warnock-Walker debate

GOP backs away from Forsyth County showdown

Warnock-Walker race for Senate grows more negative

New polls show Governor's race too close to call

Warnock and Walker to debate Oct. 14

Georgia House Speaker steers clear of culture wars

Herschel calls audible on race in Senate bid

Key GOP Senator happy with Herschel

Business execs warn abortion law is hurting Georgia companies

Trump fault lines still evident in Georgia GOP

Georgia swimming in campaign dollars

Stopping in 'battleground Georgia,' Pelosi expresses confidence for November

Georgia probe stymied by Trump lawyer

Abrams, Warnock to team up after questions of ticket unity

Georgia's Trump probe expected to spill into 2023

National Republicans going all in for Herschel

Judge rips fake GOP electors over efforts to avoid testimony in Trump probe

Warnock presses Biden for more student relief

GOP Senators to raise money for Gov. Kemp

McConnell ready to funnel more help to Walker

Republicans bolster Herschel Walker with Senate control on the line

Abrams hits Kemp over subpoena fight in Trump probe

Gov. Kemp tries to avoid testimony in Trump probe

Georgia Races are on Fire

Giuliani arrives in Atlanta as Trump probe heats up

Kemp flashes the power of incumbency

Stacey Abrams: ‘If Black men vote for me, I’ll win Georgia.’

Doctors at Democratic event slam new Georgia abortion law

Walker answers domestic violence ad with mental health message

Some Georgia Dems not pushing another Biden term

Trump’s Georgia allies slam FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search

Georgia keys Democrats’ climate, health and tax win

Abrams and Kemp go hunting for new voters

Democratic governors make a play for Georgia’s business

Kansas abortion vote emboldens Georgia Democrats

Georgia GOP ‘civil war’ might be over

With 100 days left, there’s no ‘tag team’ atop Georgia tickets

The Warnock vs. Walker ad wars begin

As Biden notches wins, Georgia Democrats hope for a boost

Stacey Abrams underperforming with Black voters in AJC poll

Can Stacey Abrams’ policies beat Brian Kemp’s record?

Warnock keeps Biden at arm's length

Chief Trump investigator rebuked by Georgia judge

Democrats vow Republicans will ‘pay the price’ for anti-abortion law

Is this the Herschel Walker campaign reset?

All-Star game still burns Georgia GOP

Trump casts shadow over Lt. Governor's race

Is the Republican civil war in Georgia over?

New poll suggests ticket-splitting in top Georgia races

Herschel Walker says, 'I’m ready to debate' - but nothing is set

Walker campaign doubles down on ‘China’s bad air’ comment

New recruits arrive in Herschel staff shakeup

Stacey Abrams’ war for women’s votes

"This is not a game at all."

Georgia probe expands into Trump's inner circle

Why some Abrams proposals look a lot like Kemp’s

Abrams tries new tack on gas taxes

Jan. 6 hearings - a tale of two parties

Democrats warn Republicans won’t stop until abortion is banned

Kemp pressed for special session on abortion restrictions

Georgia quickly becomes abortion battleground

Gov. Kemp to testify before Trump grand jury

Trump grand jury churns on in Georgia

Trump suffers more election losses in Georgia

Dramatic Tuesday ahead in Georgia politics

Unity remains elusive for Georgia GOP

Georgia Republican sues Fox News for ‘undermining election integrity’

Another day, another Herschel Walker revelation

Abrams sticking with Biden, despite Biden’s sagging poll numbers

Gun compromise becomes campaign fodder for Georgia GOP

In past speeches, Walker wrongly claimed to be in law enforcement

Trump officials tell Jan. 6 committee they knew 2020 election wasn’t stolen

2022 Georgia campaign ads go negative early

Herschel Walker wants to talk policy

Governor’s school safety plan avoids mention of guns

Herschel Walker didn’t direct gas giveaway, Super PAC says

An inside look at attacks Democrats are testing against Brian Kemp

No action planned by GOP leaders to curb gun access in Georgia

Stacey Abrams puts guns and abortion in first attack on Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp allies looking for truce with Donald Trump

Trump ’stunned’ by Brad Raffensperger’s primary win

Gov. Brian Kemp landslide boosts GOP outlook for November

How Brad Raffensperger pulled off the upset of the night in Georgia

David Perdue’s last stand includes racist insult of Stacey Abrams

GOP jumps on Stacey Abrams’ gaffe calling Georgia ‘worst state to live in’"